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"Chairman Message"

BismeillahirRahmanir Rahim

Dear Agents, Members, Colleagues and well wishers both at home and from all over the world,

AssalamuAlaikumWa Rahmatullah,

We see organization born, grow, mature and even sometimes having premature death. Whatever may be the nature and size of the organization, the work of an organization is to get things done through its people. As such the success of any organization, operating under any economic systems, is largely dependent on the efficient and the effective manpower resources of the organization.

Over the last several years, there has been a growing awareness in all economic, developed and or developing one, of the benefits of a more professional approach to the organization of people “Human Resource at work, largely due to the impact of economic depression”. Even, the companies which did exceedingly well during the boom period, have now started to recognize the benefits of increased efficiency, in all of their operational areas in order that they may continue to grow or even survive, and that such efficiency has to be achieved by or through people.

Since its inception, Habib Associates Limited has always played a very active role in the above transition.

At Habib Associateorts Limited; we have been focusing our efforts on just one core aspect of your organization, your manpower needs; backed by a heritage of strong, competitive and comprehensive services. With this realization, Habib Associates Limited came into existence almost one decades ago in the year of 2010 Convivial in nature but vigorous in accomplishing the join in hand, Bangladeshi workforce have been applauded by the employers of the countries from all around the world.
Trust us; we can mobilize the right personnel for your company in conformity with your needs at reasonable cost. With best regards,

Md. Habibur Rahman

"Managing Director’s Message"

He Habib Associates Limited Recruitment Services is a fast growing overseas manpower recruiting agency registered with the Government of Bangladesh RL No1087 with our head office in Banani, Dhaka Bangladesh.

We have long Experience in Recruiting Manpower since 2010. We have supplied many thousands of Professional, Technical, Skilled & unskilled personnel in the Industrial units & Construction Companies to the gulf countries, mostly to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As regards our capability, you may safely depend on us, because we have vast experience of supplying high quality of manpower to many giant groups of companies in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a long time. You may kindly verify our creditability from our valued clients, whose names are mentioned in the later pages of this profile.

The talent and entrepreneurial vision of our management team has allowed us to become one of the most highly-commended recruitment agencies in Bangladesh. Leveraging our expertise and experience, we support our clients by going above and beyond, delivering world-class recruitment services with a results-based approach. We can assist clients with their staffing needs whether they are large, established companies or startup businesses needing a solid beginning through effective recruitment. For these businesses in particular, The Habib Associates Limited Recruitment Services can minimize their time to market by sourcing contract talent for on-ground operations.

We at The Habib Associates Limited Recruitment Services understand the need to deliver quality personnel to our overseas clients as per their needs and that too within a short period of time ensuring a smooth and efficient integration of the workforce hired and thereby resulting in faster productivity from the hired work force. Hence, our forte is to provide the right candidate at the right time.

We Request you to kindly send a fax or phone to our Head Office at Dhaka, Bangladesh. So, that our representatives can immediately visit you to have further discussion of all matters related to visa fee, air ticket, salary and other terms and conditions. As the whole world is looking for highly competitive in all sector of business, we are very much concerned to reduce your costs in recruiting manpower through us.

With best regards to you,

Md. Ismail Khan
Managing Director

Director’s Message

BismeillahirRahmanir Rahim

Dear Valuable Agents, well wishers, supporters,

AssalamuAlaikumWa Rahmatullah,

At the very outset, we express our deep sense of gratitude to Almighty Allah, the lord, and the Merciful for granting us a good result in overall performance of the Habib Associates limited in the outgoing year 2010 to 2023. The last twelve years has been successful years with significant Development. It is my great pleasure and opportunity to present the performance our Agency by the name of Habib Associates Limited as an experienced! Modem, efficient &front line overseas recruiting agency in Bangladesh. Our earnestness and ardent services blended with highest standard of professionalism has! Earned us much sought after global appreciation, trust and poise. Densely populated Bangladesh possesses the immense possibility to help in developing the economic structure of those countries who are acutely suffering from shortage of right workforce.

With this realization Habib Associates Limited came into existence almost one decade ago in the ear of 2010 Convivial in nature but vigorous in accomplishing the job in hand, Bangladesh workforce have been applauded by the employers of the countries from all around the world.

Habib Associates Limited is one of the largest manpower exporters from Bangladesh. The Habib Associates Limited licensed by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh bearing License Number RL-1087.

Habib Associates Limited, since its inception, has the credit of mobilization of over 10.000 manpower to different employers globally directly and through its closely held associates from Bangladesh and outside. Habib Associates Limited success story is intimately linked up to the overall success story of manpower mobilization from Bangladesh.

I am honored to work with an organization of such widespread legacy built on trust and respect and hopeful that together we will continue to work hard to attain the business targets and achieve our corporate objectives.

Let us pray to Almighty Allah to give us courage and strength to achieve our set vision and mission.

Md. Delwar Hossain
Director, Habib Associates Limited

Director’s Message

We the group extremely delighted to introduce ourselves as one of the most diversified, reputed and progressive Overseas Recruiting Agencies in Bangladesh in the name of Habib Associates Limited. Our office is located at the central point of Dhaka city just 5 kilometers away from the Shah Jalal International Airport. This Company is duly recognized and properly authorized by Lenience No. RL-1087 for legitimate recruitment of Bangladeshi male and female workers.

We could supply various categories of workers like professional, skilled, semi-skilled, un-skilled, hotel staff, construction, cleaning, agro based labor, security guard and the like. Above mentioned categories worker can be deployed from Bangladesh within the shortest possible time. With several years of successful track in Human Resource Development, we are a reputed reading force in the field.

Since we have sent three thousands of all categories of workers to Saudi Arab With our proven experience & expertise we are fully capable of meeting all categories of manpower requirement-from-BANGLADESH.

We always possess first-rate database to provide international placements in all major areas of employment. We have experienced staff members with extensive working knowledge of the international industries. We mainly place job seekers in Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Malaysia, Lebanon, Jordan.

We should best of luck and prosperity of Nations.

Md. Milon Khan

Our Mission

The effect of your job on your life is significant. Did you know that we spend the majority of our waking hours at work? That's more time than we spend in any other place. It's important that we make the most of this time and ensure that our work environment is a place where we can thrive and achieve our potential. We understand that the success of a business depends on the quality of its employees and the investment of time and money in them.

Using this in mind, our mission as a responsibility is to:
"Revolutionize recruitment and transform lives with our unparalleled approach."
Through this Moto , We take the time to understand your business, requirements, motivation, and goals.

Our Vision

We have set out on a mission to help companies overcome the obstacles involved in hiring qualified candidates for their vacancies, while also supporting individuals in their pursuit of their dream jobs. Our objective is to not only improve the recruitment industry's image but also to make it a more collaborative and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. By working with us, we strive to demonstrate that recruitment agencies can be highly beneficial and valuable partners, rather than a source of frustration or undue stress.

Our Values

Trust- We are a trusted partner for employment and human resource services.

Integrity- We deliver on our promises, based on honesty and integrity.

Collaboration- Our team believes in the power of collaboration, where everyone contributes their unique skills, knowledge, and perspectives to our work.

Professionalism- "We are experienced professionals who constantly update our knowledge and skills to face the upcoming challenges." Efficiency- Efficiency is our top priority. We work hard to connect people with the right opportunities quickly. Our recruitment practices are thorough and rigorous. Trust us to find the best candidates for your needs.

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